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 Your IECMH Newsletter for this month highlights professional development resources, trainings, and opportunities for community engagement. 
As we gently walk into Spring, we are collaborating with partners to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and would love to hear from you below. 


What is Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health?

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) is the developing capacity from birth to 6 to experience, regulate, and express emotions; to form close relationships; and to explore the environment and learn, all in the context of family, community, and cultural expectations for young children.


Diversity-Informed Tenets
Our collaborative work is grounded in the Diversity-Informed Tenets for Work with Infants, Children and Families (Tenets) which serves as a compass for operationalizing our policies and practices.


Why should YOU apply for Endorsement®?
Neurons to Neighborhoods (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000) and Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation (2015) report there is a critical shortage of well trained professionals who have knowledge, skills and supervised work experience to promote healthy social and emotional development, and to intervene and treat serious early childhood mental health problems.

By engaging in Endorsement®, you will:

  • Grow and develop as a professional in the rapidly expanding infant and family service field.
  • Be recognized by employers and peers for having attained a category of competency in culturally humble, relationship-based practice that promotes infant mental health. 
  • Become a part of one of the first and most comprehensive international efforts to identify best practice competencies at multiple levels and across disciplines and to offer a pathway for professional development in the infant and family field.

Contact Aditi Subramaniam at massaimh.endorsement@gmail.com if you have questions
or click here
to start your Endorsement® journey now


Please share with us what you, your programs/organizations are planning for
May 2022 so we can share coordinated resources and events statewide!




As we wrap-up editing this Newsletter, we have heard the shocking and sad news that Russia has invaded Ukraine. As war unfolds in plain 2022 and we all grapple with our own emotions around this issue, the children around us might start to pick up on the emotions in the household or see/hear news clips that may leave them with questions or anxiety.

Please click here for a resource from NCTSN on how to talk to children about war.



The Children's Mental Health Campaign will be holding a series of Listening Sessions to gather YOUTH and PARENT voices and experiences with accessing mental health services in the MA communities most impacted by the pandemic.

Click HERE to learn more about this amazing opportunity to be heard!


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Thank you!

Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Contact Aditi Subramaniam
Associate Director, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health 
25 Staniford Street, Boston MA, 02118
Contact Andrea Gonçalves-Oliveira
IECMH Statewide Policy and Initiatives Lead


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